Remember Gloworms?

Wednesday, November 26, 2008
Most of my generation had a gloworm as a kid. Not just any glow worm mind you! We had the Hasbro Gloworm. Come to think of it, not just any Hasbro Gloworm either - the 1982 Hasbro Gloworm, soft vinyl face, soft plushy body, dressed in green with a green tassel cap. That one!

If you find one for sale, snap it up right away. They are considered a vintage toy collectible now. And no, I'm not THAT old either! The company just stopped making them like that. The old adage is true - "they don't make them like they used to". You can see for yourself below.

I cringe everytime I see the newer model. How tacky and tasteless. New is definitely not better than the old in this instance.

The 1982 Hasbro Gloworm glows, wheras the newer model glows AND has crooning lullaby abilities. However it looks like a mass manufactured, made in China sweatshop toy. It lacks character, plus it makes noise. Ack.
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