Epic flying mounts, shiny purples, epic cant miss raids... and pew pew pew!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009
*snort* EPIC FAIL!

This post is intended as an insightful rant
into the life I once lived with an abusive partner.

Welcome to the alluring addiction that is World of Warcraft. Having played the game myself I know the ins and outs of WoW and how it impacts relationships, parenting and life. Simply put, WoW is designed to be addictive, in that it encourages further playing. Anyone who tries to tell you otherwise is either
1. A liar or ;
2. An addict in denial or ;
3. Your partner.
Most of the time, it is all of the above.

First there's the time consuming requirement of leveling your character to the maximum possible level. Then when youre maxed out unfortunately the game is not over. FAR from it. Youve got high end raiding, instances to run to get the best lewt (read shiny epic purples), reputation to build, hardcore raid or pvp guilds that do nothing but raid or pvp to join. Guild obligations and requirements that take a chunk of your time and attention. Raids that go for HOURS and require 100% attention cos you dont want to be the one responsible for wiping a 25 or 40 man raid. Oh nosiree. Raids that FAIL and go for even longer unless someone chucks a fit and ragequits causing the large group to collapse on itself. Believe me there is heaps more to WoW - heaps more that takes up heaps more time too.

WoW is HUGELY time consuming. But oh so very addictive. You can't help it. Even if you set limits on WoW play, its just one more quest to do, just one more turn in, just 15 more minutes, just buying skills, just gotta put stuff up on the auction house, just one more attempt on the boss that you've wiped out on 15 times already.

Get the fuck over it already. I play WoW so your excuses are lost on me. I know the game, but theres one difference between YOU and ME. REAL LIFE COMES FIRST.

The kids needs come first. So what if you have to hold up 25 people for five measly minutes? Its going to take HOURS anyway, throw me a fucking crumb and give me five god damn bloody minutes. You don't HAVE to corpse run. You've got a fucking priest with your party. They can fucking ressurect you. Get the fuck of the computer and go fucking take care of your kids for FIVE minutes. Oh my bad. You're the priest? Damn. Well the pally can ressurect you. Oh you're the raid leader? GOOD! Call a time out then oh great and mighty important leader. GTFO!

Oh whats this? You want me to serve you dinner at the computer because you can't GET UP for 20 seconds to get your own fucking plate? You can't eat cos you're tanking? Don't fucking whinge when your food's cold and don't fucking get hoity at me when I complain that you've wasted your food. OMIGODDESS. YOU JUST IGNORED ONE OF YOUR CHILDREN!? How dare you speak to them like that? How dare you tell them you're busy when you're playing a FUCKING GAME?? How dare you tell them to go away! How dare you tell them to wait 5 minutes when it means "wait until I finish the raid hours later"!? How dare you tell them to shut up, to be quiet, to WAIT? How dare you get angry at them for being noisy or whinging or crying when you're trying to talk to your stupid raid group or guildies?

I've cooked dinner and taken care of the kids and now I'm playing WoW and you're telling me to make myself useful and do something just cos I made you wash up and you can't stand working when I'm PLAYING!? Well I have news for you. I. Am. Busy. Go. Away. After all, thats what you say to us isn't it? Shall I emphasise the importance of my request by SMASHING MY FIST DOWN ON THE COMPUTER TABLE?

I have news for you. If your partner plays World of Warcraft (or any other game) or has any other kind of addiction (drug, alcohol etc) and behaves similarly like to what I have described above this is called ABUSIVE BEHAVIOUR. It is not cool. Entitlement like this is NOT ON. Lundy Bancroft's "Why Does He Do That" has a section on substance abuse and abusers. World of Warcraft addiction is a form of substance abuse (as is obsessive gaming).
ad·dic·tion  (-dkshn)
a. Compulsive physiological and psychological need for a habit-forming substance: a drug used in the treatment of heroin addiction.
b. An instance of this: a person with multiple chemical addictions.
a. The condition of being habitually or compulsively occupied with or or involved in something.
b. An instance of this: had an addiction for fast cars.

Got a pet complaint about your partner and WoW? Vent away here!

Wheres my epic flying mount and $$$?

Tuesday, January 6, 2009
Yeah I'm a woman. Not pre-pubescent girl. Adult female. Woman! And I play WoW. So where's my FREE epic flying mount? Where's the gold and assistance that I'm supposed to get from other people on account of my owning real life boobs and a cunny?

*I'm sure the idiots that sprout that sexist crap in General have trouble identifying sarcasm when they see it. So a note for the idiots: The above is sarcasm.

The following isn't sarcasm - Go QQ somewhere else if you've been bested or one-upwomanshipped by a female.

*Another note: Besting and oneupwo"man"ship are patriarchal values. I couldn't care less if I can tank and you can't. I don't give a shit if you think your char looks "sexier" than my char.
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