Wheres my epic flying mount and $$$?

Tuesday, January 6, 2009
Yeah I'm a woman. Not pre-pubescent girl. Adult female. Woman! And I play WoW. So where's my FREE epic flying mount? Where's the gold and assistance that I'm supposed to get from other people on account of my owning real life boobs and a cunny?

*I'm sure the idiots that sprout that sexist crap in General have trouble identifying sarcasm when they see it. So a note for the idiots: The above is sarcasm.

The following isn't sarcasm - Go QQ somewhere else if you've been bested or one-upwomanshipped by a female.

*Another note: Besting and oneupwo"man"ship are patriarchal values. I couldn't care less if I can tank and you can't. I don't give a shit if you think your char looks "sexier" than my char.


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