Knotwork for Dreads

Friday, May 29, 2009
I found gorgeous dread beads - $7.95USD a bead. Expensive if you're after beads to squish lumps or kinks into your dreads instead of serving the role of fashion accessory.

While on my pursuit of the perfect barefoot sandal, I came across macrame ones instead of beaded jewellery ones. The knotwork looked really awesome so I set out to give it a go. From there, I got the brilliant idea to knot up some dread beads!

Here are some of my early attempts making dread beads using sisal twine;

It gets better. I came across some stiff coloured hemp cord to make knotwork dread beads and this is the result;

Getting the knotwork ends to join up without breaking the pattern is tricky. I am still working on a technique for finishing off the dread bead.

Some of my early attempts at knotting dread beads left hard lumpy bits inside the rim, making it hard to slide it up dreads. And it just isn't asethetically pleasing to have those lumpy bits on the outside and visible! The red and brown wooden dread bead above is one of my better ones.


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