Purple hemp bracelet

Thursday, June 25, 2009
Those 100% purple bracelets are knotted from hemp and each have seven knots completing one full twist. Some bracelets have 4 purple beads, while others have 5. The 4 bead bracelets are suited for children or people with narrow / slim wrists. The 5 bead bracelets are suited for adults.

Each bracelet is adjustible - one size fits all. The difference is how much extra cord is left over after securing the sliding clasp. The extra cord can be wound around the bracelet, or it can be cut to fit and re-knotted at the end (don't forget some extra slack is needed to open the bracelet and get it off!)

Modelled on a child's wrist. See second picture for a closer up look of the bracelet sliding clasp.

Sand cake!

Here's a photo of the children's artwork. They made something for me and called it a birthday cake despite it not being my birthday :)

My cock is bigger! WoW Achievements

Monday, June 15, 2009
Get a load of those Achievements from World of Warcraft. Go patriarchy. Go sexist game programmers. Gotta love all that woman hate and cock worship.

Achievement - "Kiss and Make Up"
Kiss Sara in Ulduar while she is angry with you on Normal difficulty.

*Looks like someone is a woman abuser over at Blizzard. Only an abuser would think it was funny to kiss a woman that is angry with him.

Achievement - "Blushing Bride"
Kiss someone wearing an Elegant Dress while wearing a White Tuxedo Shirt and Black Tuxedo Pants.

*Oh nice. This of course assumes that the player is a MALE and furthers the "girls don't play wow" bullshit. You're the one wearing the tuxedo while the other person is in a dress. Traditionally, the one wearing the tuxedo is... wait for it... the MALE!

Achievement - "Bros. Before Ho Ho Ho's"
Use mistletoe on the Horde "Brothers" during the Feast of the Winter Veil

*Ha ha ha. Funny. Not. Title says it all. Male friends before your female partners. And the female partners are whores. And of course thats chuckleworthy to make a play on Santa and that particular piece of ghetto sexism. It must be nice having a cock in our patriarchal world.

Achievement - "My Girl Loves to Skadi All The Time"
Defeat Skadi the Ruthless in Utgarde Pinnacle on Heroic Difficulty after having killed Grauf from 100% to dead in a single pass

*My girl? Fuck off already. Girls are children. Women are adult females. Bunch of pedophiles. Anyhow that is certainly a bragworthy achievement isn't it? Having a girl that loooooves to "skadi" all the time. Ugh.

Achievement - "Momma Said Knock You Out"
Defeat Grand Widow Faerlina in Naxxramas on normalal difficulty without dispelling or preventing frenzy.

*Hmm. Blaming a woman for violence inflicted by you? Wonder if it was the same abuser that came up with the kissing idea. But it probably most likely was ANOTHER one. Lots of abusers outta there.

Achievement - "Crazy Cat Lady"
Defeat Auriaya without destorying her Sanctum Sentries on Normal difficulty


Achievement - "The Bread Winner"
Make 10,000 gold from quest rewards

*Hah. We all know who they were thinking of in coming up with that title. Man. The one with the swingin' cock, rakin in the lewt and bringin home the money.

More to come. Get all the above achievements completed to ding a new one "My Cock's Bigger Than Yours!" Get all of the abuser ones and you'll win the Wife Beater Tee prize. How fun.

Blizzard reinforces sexism

Wednesday, June 10, 2009
If the sexist beliefs in many players isn't enough for you, there's Blizzard to contend with as well. With players, you can usually ignore the misogyny by turning off Trash Chat (General/Trade) where the occasional conversation pops up about how "girls don't play wow" and that if you're actually a real female, you get lots of money, benefits, extra help all for nothing but the fact that you've got cunt and booby status. With Blizzard, you can't ignore it.

There seems to be sexist patriarchal values present in Blizzard's employees which become obvious in game programming. Take for instance the female bear quest in Zul'Drak where you have to find female bears by lifting up bear tails. Sure. Thats funny. I was amused for the first few seconds. What is not funny however, is the female bears don't take offense to this invasion of their body. They dociley go with you. If its a male however, a message pops up saying "It is an angry male!" and the bear attacks you.

This is just another reinforcement that males are angry and will fight back if they are violated whereas females are hapless docile victims to do with as you will. Disgusting.

Yet another example from Zul'Drak is the Drakkari Warlord of Zol'Maz quest. You've got to kill his family members. Lets look at his wife, Tiri first. She flies at you saying "You get out of here!" and brandishes a rolling pin as a weapon. As a female gamer I really resent how women are decipted with kitchen implements for weapons. Where are all the rolling pin and frying pan brandishing men? Pfft.

As for the other female, the daughter of Zol'Maz - Yara. She cries out "Daddy!" It doesn't matter that Yara is one up from Tiri in that she has a flamin' sword instead of a measly rolling pin to fight you with. She's a female and that MUST be reinforced by Blizzard. Female = helpless, powerless, lesser, needs to call male for aid. BOOO!

Her brother is another story. He yells out "I'LL KILL YOU!" and attacks you. Notice how he is hulking and all buffed up in armour? Male = capable, violent, in power, aggressive, buff. Doesn't need to cry out for his Daddy, or rush at you with a rolling pin shrieking to get out of there.

Lovely way to implement patriarchal family values here Blizzard, and further the already existing sexism present in many players.

Dread Evolution!

If there is something natural dreads teach, it is how to chill out and let go of expectations. A lesson in patience and letting go of strict control. How to deal with obsessing by doing nothing and seeing where it takes you.

The Beginning: July 2008

Half of my head is done. I had a friend do some backcombing with random sections so that I wouldn't have to keep worrying about separating my hair or one big natty matted dread. From there on, there was no crocheting, no dread wax, no maintenance and not very much palmrolling since I'm a lazy slacker and high maintenance just isn't my thang. (See, dreads don't necessarily have to be high maintenance hairstyles!)

A Couple of Days Later

One Month Dreadlocks August 2008

Two Month Dreadlocks September 2008

After washing my hair with the usual bicarb/vinegar thang, it looked very messy with lots of loose hair. The backcombing was coming undone as the dreads knotted up. You can see how the dreadlock above is knotting up from the bottom - the part of backcombing that unravelled first!

Five Month Dreadlocks November 2008

You can click on those two pics above to see my hair better.

Seven Month Dreadlocks January 2009

Eight Month Dreadlocks February 2009

Dyed my hair with nasty chemicals at 8 months. The second picture above freakishly could be my youngest brother on the computer. That photo of me looks REALLY like him, except I don't have his Adam's apple hahahaha

Nine Month Dreadlocks March 2009

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