Blizzard reinforces sexism

Wednesday, June 10, 2009
If the sexist beliefs in many players isn't enough for you, there's Blizzard to contend with as well. With players, you can usually ignore the misogyny by turning off Trash Chat (General/Trade) where the occasional conversation pops up about how "girls don't play wow" and that if you're actually a real female, you get lots of money, benefits, extra help all for nothing but the fact that you've got cunt and booby status. With Blizzard, you can't ignore it.

There seems to be sexist patriarchal values present in Blizzard's employees which become obvious in game programming. Take for instance the female bear quest in Zul'Drak where you have to find female bears by lifting up bear tails. Sure. Thats funny. I was amused for the first few seconds. What is not funny however, is the female bears don't take offense to this invasion of their body. They dociley go with you. If its a male however, a message pops up saying "It is an angry male!" and the bear attacks you.

This is just another reinforcement that males are angry and will fight back if they are violated whereas females are hapless docile victims to do with as you will. Disgusting.

Yet another example from Zul'Drak is the Drakkari Warlord of Zol'Maz quest. You've got to kill his family members. Lets look at his wife, Tiri first. She flies at you saying "You get out of here!" and brandishes a rolling pin as a weapon. As a female gamer I really resent how women are decipted with kitchen implements for weapons. Where are all the rolling pin and frying pan brandishing men? Pfft.

As for the other female, the daughter of Zol'Maz - Yara. She cries out "Daddy!" It doesn't matter that Yara is one up from Tiri in that she has a flamin' sword instead of a measly rolling pin to fight you with. She's a female and that MUST be reinforced by Blizzard. Female = helpless, powerless, lesser, needs to call male for aid. BOOO!

Her brother is another story. He yells out "I'LL KILL YOU!" and attacks you. Notice how he is hulking and all buffed up in armour? Male = capable, violent, in power, aggressive, buff. Doesn't need to cry out for his Daddy, or rush at you with a rolling pin shrieking to get out of there.

Lovely way to implement patriarchal family values here Blizzard, and further the already existing sexism present in many players.


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