Dread Evolution!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009
If there is something natural dreads teach, it is how to chill out and let go of expectations. A lesson in patience and letting go of strict control. How to deal with obsessing by doing nothing and seeing where it takes you.

The Beginning: July 2008

Half of my head is done. I had a friend do some backcombing with random sections so that I wouldn't have to keep worrying about separating my hair or one big natty matted dread. From there on, there was no crocheting, no dread wax, no maintenance and not very much palmrolling since I'm a lazy slacker and high maintenance just isn't my thang. (See, dreads don't necessarily have to be high maintenance hairstyles!)

A Couple of Days Later

One Month Dreadlocks August 2008

Two Month Dreadlocks September 2008

After washing my hair with the usual bicarb/vinegar thang, it looked very messy with lots of loose hair. The backcombing was coming undone as the dreads knotted up. You can see how the dreadlock above is knotting up from the bottom - the part of backcombing that unravelled first!

Five Month Dreadlocks November 2008

You can click on those two pics above to see my hair better.

Seven Month Dreadlocks January 2009

Eight Month Dreadlocks February 2009

Dyed my hair with nasty chemicals at 8 months. The second picture above freakishly could be my youngest brother on the computer. That photo of me looks REALLY like him, except I don't have his Adam's apple hahahaha

Nine Month Dreadlocks March 2009


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