Secret womyn's places

Tuesday, November 23, 2010
The secret places of wyld womyn are many. Some are solo and imaginary, like the ones we can create from within the centre of the labyrinth, while others are real living, breathing places within the world that we share with our sisters.

Regardless of the place, if it is secret, and if it is claimed by womyn, it has something in common with all other secret womyn’s places – raw, earth magick.

If you’re not sure what this is like, then there is only one thing to be done. Grab a sister or two, and set off in the wilderness. There may be a patch of bushland nearby, or an inviting mountain, grassy hill or a little clearing off an isolated beach.

You won’t know until you come across it, and part of the work in restoring earth magick to the place you find, is the journey of getting there. It may be an easy stroll across the sand and up the bank. Or it may be a hard slog, fighting your way uphill through tall grass and dense vegetation. Maybe you’ll have to wade through a creek to reach a rocky isle.

You’ll know it once you find it. It will feel inviting, and full of potential. Clear off a place to lounge, and rest while making your plans. That circle of trees there looks like a place you could built an altar within. That natural depression in the ground could be a firepit. Those wildflowers you saw a few minutes back could be dug up and replanted closer to your secret place. Collect those random rocks and circle your place with them.

Each time the secret place is visited, each time you do something to improve it, each minute you spend in this space, the earth magick grows stronger. The wild womyn energy used to feed those secret places also gets renewed at the same time by the energy present all around you.

It is a sacred space where you can be a woman, with other women. Rites of passage can be celebrated and acknowledged there. Our struggles with the world can be laid to rest there. Other women can be sworn to secrecy and invited in for women’s circles. The possibilities are endless and the benefits for us are boundless.

Just remember, there are secret places everywhere, even in the most unlikely of places. We found one in the middle of a city, within a park. There were bushes growing tightly together, and we pushed our way into the centre and found a large enough place to sit where nobody could see us! Never mind the pieces of leaves and twigs stuck to our hair and the scratches we had when we crawled out. It was worth it!

This blog post was published in
Whole Woman Magazine, September 2010.

Her self care tools

Tuesday, October 12, 2010
A wounded wyld womyn can be scary, harsh, or rude, just as much as she can be depressed, withdrawn and sad. Either way, the consequences for wounded women and those around them aren’t oft pleasant. 

Mothers can ignore their children’s emotional needs, shouting at them when they can’t cope with their children’s normal needs, while other women snap at their loved ones, or cry and cry with no end in sight. We all get stressed at times and may find that we do not cope well. The ability to cope can vary according to the hardships faced, however within the overwhelming deluge of emotional intensity, women find they have reached their limit.

Survival mechanisms keep us alive in the immediate now, but are not always healthy and can carry adverse consequences in the long term. It is the fortuitous woman who can access self care tools for weathering storms to experience new beginnings. 

There are many tools for coping out there, from emotional freedom techniques, massages and exercise to meditation, music and counselling. The trick is finding what works for you as an individual. For women, the most powerful self care tools are ones which their wyld womyn can connect with at a visceral level such as fire, water, special rocks or stones, earthen sculptures, chants, wooden beads, or ancient symbols like the labyrinth.

 The labyrinth is one of the most interesting ancient symbols used by humans, dating back a few thousand years and is a tool which helps us to shift from the left side of the brain to the right. Logic, facts, technocratic knowledge and thinking are functions of the left brain whereas intuition, feelings, emotions and creative imagination are functions of the right brain. This is one way in which we can connect to our wyld womyn  by opening one of the pathways to our deep selves.

Finger labyrinths are one of the most accessible labyrinths – anyone can draw one and trace the path in to the centre with their finger, and then back out again. The process is repeated as many times as is needed to balance the emotional intensity experienced at the time, and is more effective with slow movements and deep, slow breathing. 

A very powerful tool for women, the labyrinth has the ability to help women enter trance-like states where their emotional intensity cannot reach and protect women from being overwhelmed. 

Eventually, it is there at the centre of the labyrinth, the lands of the wyld womyn where women are free to think a little more clearly or just take the space to recover before making their way back out. One fantastic thing about reaching this centre, is the vividness of imagination available to you.

At times my centre resembles the nomadic tents of the Bedouin, with reddish brown canvas, thick bedding in one corner with heaps of pillows, and firelight at the entrance. Other times my centre looks like the night time lands of the wyld womyn with open expanses of sky, stars and horses racing across the cold, windy plains. Yours can be whatever you make it. Try it and see. 

This blog post was published in
Whole Woman Magazine, September 2010.

Aspects of the wildish feminine

Tuesday, June 1, 2010
Exploring the wild woman archetype is the basis of Clarissa Pinkola Estes’ book, “Women Who Run With The Wolves”.

The wild woman psyche is at the very essence of all women - it is from those deep caverns that our creative fires burn, from the wood of intuitive knowledge and the oxygen of our natural instincts and individual passions.

Intuitive knowledge builds as we follow our unexplained ancient ‘knowing’. Each time we listen to this information and choose to take the path opened to us by this knowledge, our faith in ourselves, in our intuition, is verified and reinforced. As our intuition is fed, our spiritual fires burn stronger. An example of this is found in mothers using elimination communication with their babies. Many speak of always ‘knowing’ when they were about to get peed on, and how the process developed their trust in intuitive knowledge.

Tending to our natural instincts and passions means nourishing our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual needs and ensuring that we have the freedom to pursue instinctual behavior as it arises. For example, birthing women who have full autonomy in birth, are free to labour instinctively and will do so given their ability to focus on internal experiences as is permitted by the people present and the birthing environment itself.

Following our intuition, instinctive drives and passions is an integral part of what it means to be a wyld womyn. Feed her with faith, trust and action down those innate paths of the wild, and she will feed you with confidence, strength, freedom, fire and energy – to name a few for the powers of wyld womyn are boundless. Neglect her and her fires become smaller and smaller until you are a shadow wraith of your true self.

With the high paced demands on women and the woman-unfriendly structure of modern society, our kin are struggling to keep on top of everything. It is at times like these, that we women are at most risk, as such demands of time and energy shackle us that we may not pursue our wildish natures.Once wyld womyn begins to suffer, we become less and less able to cope with the hardships of our lives.

One thing we can do for the sisterhood is to make time to do something with each other. It can be as simple as easing another’s burden by cooking them a meal, or it can be as exhilarating as exploring wilderness with another woman, to create a secret space for worship of the wyld womyn within.

This blog post was published in 
Whole Woman Magazine, June 2010.

Double whammy.

Thursday, April 22, 2010
Bloody hell. Took the kids to Community Health for some dentist advice, was told there is free dentistry via schools. Went through the whole explanation thang re homeschooling and got the voucher for dentist care.

The following week, I got a note from them, saying the Community Health nurse wanted to see me at my house for a talk.

When we turned up for the appointment and were waiting in the waiting room, the Community Health nurse showed up and said she was the one who left the note at my place. She sat down and engaged me in friendly chat about the kids and me - talked about uni, homeschooling, kids dental health, how beautiful Tyger's long hair was etc.

I thought this was just fluff chat until I asked her why she needed to talk to me and you know what she said!? "Oh, don't worry about that now. I just wanted to make sure everything was ok with you being deaf and homeschooling, that the kids were getting their needs met". She was fucking digging for info without being upfront about her intentions!!!

I was Gobsmacked. I managed to get out "Well if I wasn't getting their needs met, I most certainly wouldn't be here about their teeth, and what does being deaf have to do with ANY of this!?"

She realised her blunder and made some comment about how most deaf people are not as 'educated and knowledgeable' as me. The more she tried to explain, the more offended I got.

Seriously. I am a whole lot more suspicious and careful now whenever someone from the State dept is getting friendly with me!

I hope THOSE people get wet!

Monday, February 15, 2010
We had the power out for more than half a day today. It was aggravating as it was hot and sunny. We made it til noon then headed to the library for airconditioning only to see the street chock full of electricity company trucks and lots of people fiddling with the power lines. Sigh. When we got back home, the power was still out and it started thundering and raining hard so I sat down on the couch outside to watch the rain.

Kalea came out, sat next to me and muttered so darkly "I hope THOSE people get wet!". It was hilarious as I was just thinking that I hoped they electrocuted themselves while working on the lines in the rain. Just to clarify I asked her what people she was talking about and she said "The ones who broke the power!"

Glad to know I'm not the only one thinking sour thoughts about the power company!

On the plus side, we got a lot of reading in at the library, plus a lot of cleaning and art stuff done this morning.

Blood Fertility

Monday, January 11, 2010
I was bored the other day. This is the end result. It started off as a swirly experiment with blending colours and evolved into something resembling a snake woman. I'm not quite happy with the background black might go back to it to redo.

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