Double whammy.

Thursday, April 22, 2010
Bloody hell. Took the kids to Community Health for some dentist advice, was told there is free dentistry via schools. Went through the whole explanation thang re homeschooling and got the voucher for dentist care.

The following week, I got a note from them, saying the Community Health nurse wanted to see me at my house for a talk.

When we turned up for the appointment and were waiting in the waiting room, the Community Health nurse showed up and said she was the one who left the note at my place. She sat down and engaged me in friendly chat about the kids and me - talked about uni, homeschooling, kids dental health, how beautiful Tyger's long hair was etc.

I thought this was just fluff chat until I asked her why she needed to talk to me and you know what she said!? "Oh, don't worry about that now. I just wanted to make sure everything was ok with you being deaf and homeschooling, that the kids were getting their needs met". She was fucking digging for info without being upfront about her intentions!!!

I was Gobsmacked. I managed to get out "Well if I wasn't getting their needs met, I most certainly wouldn't be here about their teeth, and what does being deaf have to do with ANY of this!?"

She realised her blunder and made some comment about how most deaf people are not as 'educated and knowledgeable' as me. The more she tried to explain, the more offended I got.

Seriously. I am a whole lot more suspicious and careful now whenever someone from the State dept is getting friendly with me!
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