Smoking causes cancer

Sunday, June 26, 2011
Enuff said.

Licking the cake bowl

Wednesday, June 22, 2011
Something I miss the most about being a kid - licking the cake bowl. Now that I am a mama, guess who gets the cake bowl? The kids of course. Between Kalea and Tyger, they make pretty quick work cleaning it out. I probably don't even NEED to wash it up. I wonder if my own mother wanted to lick the bowl too. If she did, she never seemed to show any sign of it. Or maybe being a kid, I was just too focused on getting to the batter to notice anything else!


Introducing the Sheeple!

Monday, June 20, 2011
Bwhahahahhahahahahahah! So like I got the idea for Sheeple Mondays (sheeples hate Mondays cos of work or school) from the Hoydens About Town blog. They have otterdays and cheezburger thursdays which sounds too American for my liking. Nothing says Australia/NZ more than Footrot Flats which is what the above photo reminded me of!

This is what I imagine Jesus on his bike would be singing as he sways from side to side...

... No shit!
 No... those are NOT actual sheep. First glance says they are though LOL

Australia's birth politics: A Marxist approach

Friday, June 17, 2011
In classic Marxism, the bourgeoisie (fuck i hate spelling that word) are the ruling class. They own the means of production such as the factories, and their income is gained off the backs of the proles. The proletariat are the working class who sell their labour efforts to the bourgeoisie for a wage.

Blah blah blah. To minimise the glazed eye effect while reading up on classic sociological theories for uni, I started applying them to my interests. Marx's class struggle made me think of Australia's current birth politics, and so I read on with this in mind...

Introducing the Birth Bourgeoisie!

So who owns the hospitals and the spiffy (but overrated and useless) machines that go ping!? In the public sector, we have the State Governments. In the private sector, we have large corporations like the evil Ramsay Healthcare Group. If you follow the money far enough, you'll find a small, select group of white, wealthy, old wrinkly dicks patriarchs in ownership. For the purposes at hand though, lets call the board of directors and all those policy makers, the modern birth bourgeoisie.

*Drumroll* Enter stage left, the Birth Proletariat!

(Yes, I know its obvious I'm bored and gotta entertain myself). The proletariat are easily identified as anyone who works within the hospitals, or within the birth industry. Let's focus on the obstetrician proles and midwife proles.

How the bourgeoisie exploit the proles;

I know, I know... if you're a savvy birthing woman, your eyes will probably be rolling back in their sockets at the prospect of obstetricians being exploited... but bear with me!

According to Marx, the ruling class will always develop ideologies to justify and legitimise their exploitation of the working class. An example of this in practice the passing of legislations and policies to control how the worker proles handle the birthing process.

The ideologies surrounding caesarean surgery for instance, help increase the rate of caesareans. This is extremely profitable for the bourgeoisie as more of their technology and facilities get put to use, and more women can get processed along the conveyor belt of surgery.

It is a fucking meat factory, with obstetricians as the butchers, and women the meat! ~~~ QUICKENING

For those of you with the disease of viewing obstetricians as KNobs, well, obstetricians are as much a product of society as you are! If it helps, I also have a hard time sympathising at the plight of obstetricians within this class struggle and for the life of me, I can't really grasp exactly how the poor things are exploited. I'm just too invested in the downtrodden at the very bottom rung of the ladder - women and babies.

False consciousness (or as Bourdeaux's misrecognition)

Marx called the workers’ acceptance of ideologies that ran counter to their interests, false consciousness. There are midwives and obstetricians working within the system, who are unhappy with the fallacies of institutional birth, yet are unlikely to strike out on their own as independent birth providers because of the belief that hospitals are the safest places to birth in.

Revolutionary acts or criminal behaviour? 

Law is seen as a tool of the ruling class, used to criminalise activities of workers which are harmful to bourgeoisie interests, while ignoring their own socially harmful behaviour.

Today in Australia, great efforts are being made to criminalise homebirth midwives, using sneaky underhanded legislation. In the meantime, all those bourgeoisie policy makers with shares in hospitals, medical technology etc are guilty of harming women and babies via policies which eventuate in birth complications needing further medical technology... but hey, there's money to be made so women and babies be damned!

Crime is viewed as the revolutionary acts of the downtrodden. For change to be possible, Marx says there must be revolution. If you ask me, we need a helluva lot more crims. Homebirth midwives, homebirthers, freebirthers are all in the minority. They are the ones engaging in revolutionary acts. The rest of the downtrodden continue to birth in hospitals, work in hospitals and follow bourgeoise self-interests thanks to ideology and false consciousness.

Oh well. Women are always going to go to hospital to birth - even if they don't need the emergency services or specialised care provided by hospitals. The cogs of the birthing machine will continue to turn within the meat factory. There simply aren't enough of us engaging in revolutionary acts to stop it.

Viva la sheeple!

Legal Aid, Breastfeeding & Discrimination

Wednesday, June 15, 2011
Legal Aid QLD has a policy that children not be present during appointments or conferences. I found out about this when I showed up at the local office with a breastfeeding baby asleep in the sling. My two older children were not with me at the time.

The woman there kept retiaritating children were not to be present and was obviously referring to Shae, so I rang up to speak to my appointed lawyer. It didn't go well!

I was told this was a Legal Aid policy not a personal decision of hers. She went on to say the policy was established because it is inappropriate for older children to hear things that might relate to them, (I agree wholeheartedly hence my older two in care) and in the case of younger children and babies, that they often distract the client from the appointment and advice given. Uh, whaaa...t?

It kinda sounded a bit insulting, implying I was incapable of multitasking (a mothering necessity), with the whiff of the sexist concept that women lose their ability to comprehend things once they get pregnant and have a baby! And of course, I resented that all babies are seen as distracting, noisy, wailing things. There must be something wrong with society if most babies are really like that. Makes me wonder about unmet needs and whatnot!

Anyway regardless, this was discrimination towards me as a breastfeeding mother. Even if the policy did not intend to discriminate against breastfeeding mothers, any rules or conditions of a service that prevent us from using the service given our obligations or needs, is considered indirect discrimination by law.

I pursued this via the complaints department of Legal Aid QLD, and was assigned another lawyer who assured me the policy was about safety of children in family law cases more than anything. However, I made sure Legal Aid QLD reviewed this policy to ensure it did not leave room for staff members in the future to interpret this as meaning ALL children, including breastfeeding babies.

And here we are, at the LA conference;

So much for breastfed babies with their needs met, distracting their mamas from being able to focus on business at hand! If you ask me I think the others were more interested in Shae than I was - "Awww soooo cute!" "How old is she?" "Wow, this is the first we've seen her face!" (She was hidden deep in the sling asleep and non-existent most of the time!) and my favourite - "She is so quiet and happy!"

But I don't even WORK here!??

Sunday, June 12, 2011
I was writing down the kids requests for what they wanted on their sandwiches while I was boobying Shae, when Kalea came back to say she wanted to "order a small ice water" for her doll. She also asked if there was anywhere in the shop for her doll to sleep. I said there's no sleeping in shops typically. A pause... (she was thinking hard!)... then she came out with a "Is this a hotel?"

I cracked up. I wasn't about to fall for THAT one as Kalea can be very devious. I could see her telling me I agreed this was a hotel the next time I asked her to do something! So I said in between choking on laughter... "No, this isn't a hotel. We all cook and clean up after ourselves here. This is a home!" Another pause... then she said "I'm leaving then!" which just made me laugh harder. "Leaving to where?" I asked and her reply was "A hotel!!!!"

She went outside. I didn't realise Tyger was listening but he must have been. 30 secs later he came up, looked at the paper and me still sitting there feeding the baby (and not making him his food)... and he ripped off the top page, looked at me, and proceeded to tell me off angrily "YOU"RE FIRED!!!!!!!!!!!"

I was laughing so hard I was crying lol and then Kalea came back inside as I was saying "Ok thats cool with me. You can take over my job then and do cooking and cleaning and all that". Tyger didn't even have to pause. He said immediately "Fine! You're not fired!! Then he turned around to Kalea, pointed at her and yelled YOU! YOU'RE FIRED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kalea shrieked and ran outside and then ran back in a second later and yelled back "But I don't EVEN work here!!??"

Dreads... 3 years on!

Sunday, June 5, 2011
Here are my dreads in the beginning....

and now, nearly 3 years later....

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