But I don't even WORK here!??

Sunday, June 12, 2011
I was writing down the kids requests for what they wanted on their sandwiches while I was boobying Shae, when Kalea came back to say she wanted to "order a small ice water" for her doll. She also asked if there was anywhere in the shop for her doll to sleep. I said there's no sleeping in shops typically. A pause... (she was thinking hard!)... then she came out with a "Is this a hotel?"

I cracked up. I wasn't about to fall for THAT one as Kalea can be very devious. I could see her telling me I agreed this was a hotel the next time I asked her to do something! So I said in between choking on laughter... "No, this isn't a hotel. We all cook and clean up after ourselves here. This is a home!" Another pause... then she said "I'm leaving then!" which just made me laugh harder. "Leaving to where?" I asked and her reply was "A hotel!!!!"

She went outside. I didn't realise Tyger was listening but he must have been. 30 secs later he came up, looked at the paper and me still sitting there feeding the baby (and not making him his food)... and he ripped off the top page, looked at me, and proceeded to tell me off angrily "YOU"RE FIRED!!!!!!!!!!!"

I was laughing so hard I was crying lol and then Kalea came back inside as I was saying "Ok thats cool with me. You can take over my job then and do cooking and cleaning and all that". Tyger didn't even have to pause. He said immediately "Fine! You're not fired!! Then he turned around to Kalea, pointed at her and yelled YOU! YOU'RE FIRED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kalea shrieked and ran outside and then ran back in a second later and yelled back "But I don't EVEN work here!!??"


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