The commodification sheep(les)

Monday, July 4, 2011
Commodification is a fundamental aspect of capitalism, where relationships are transformed into commerical relationships of exchange or of profit and loss. Here we have a good example of this - the commodification of sheep eating grass.

There's a profit to be had in a nation of sheeples. Prior to capitalism, I imagine there were sheeples just for the sake of being sheeples. Easier to control, direct and influence according to whatever scam society had going at the time.

But with the advent of capitalism, we have chaching! $$ potential in every orifice possible. Here buy this cheap useless product which helps you squat in the bush easier to poop. Here ask your doctor for this medicine that you don't really need. Here's the hospital,  have your baby in it and utilise all the technology you possibly can cos babies will drop like flies worldwide if you don't. Here's a survey, we would like to hear your input to improve maternity services for women cos we are going to do what we want anyway but it is democratic to get your feedback and make you feel like you, the little peeps helped to form the laws. Oh, and don't forget to pay your (family member/friend/neighbour/) babysitter for being a present adult while you pop out to gather food and get a little bit of hottie on the side (better pay him for his poolside services too!).



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