Fuck Australia Day.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012
Here's some history on Invasion Day.


Seriously. After knowing the truth of Australia's colonisation invasion, how can one in good conscience, celebrate Australia Day?

The normalising of the abnormal

Sunday, January 1, 2012
A toothbrushing epiphany:

After raising two children within the blurry fog of domestic violence, the experience of raising another child outside that has been a normalising of the abnormal. How strangely alien this process has been. Each time I experience a hefty whack of normal, I have epiphanies about how removed from life I was, living with an abuser.

Take toothbrushing for instance. What could possibly be so exciting about toothbrushing? A baby's first toothbrush session that is what! I was talking to Shae about brushing her teeth before bed when the older two heard me and just came rushing in to the bathroom. Kalea and Tyger looked so animated, faces flushed with excitement and were ready to be COMPLETELY INVOLVED in Shae's first toothbrushing experience.

That is when it struck me. Being totally and completely interested in being involved in your child's journey is something I never had the pleasure of sharing with the ex. Whether he was incapable of it or just not that interested, or both, it wasn't normal. It saddens me how the abnormal became normal for me over these seven foggy years.

Shae is precious. She has given me the opportunity to normalise the experience of mothering and raising a child. Kalea and Tyger are precious. They have given me the gift of their enthused excitement and involvement in the rearing of Shae. I don't know what more I could ask for!
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